United Nations Development Programme – Naryn Area-Based Development Programme, Kyrgyzstan

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Project Status: Closed
Project at-a-glance
Project Name Naryn Area-Based Development Programme, Kyrgyzstan
Project Number 00046435
Sector/Subsector Regional development
Country Kyrgyz Republic
Project Opening Date 2012
Project Closing Date 2017
Responsible Institution
Responsible International Financial Institution The Russian Federation
Responsible Executive Agencies

UN House in the Kyrgyz Republic

Strategic Agenda

Regional socio-economic development


The Programme contains a complex of interlinked components, which realization will promote achievement of principal goal – promote poverty alleviation in the Naryn province. Comprehensiveness of the programme is in following key factors reflected in its content:

а) meet priorities of the national and regional development, defined in the National Sustainable Development of the Kyrgyz Republic for 2013-2017;

b) partnership and involvement in a process of implementation;

c) the programme is directly linked with results of the UNDP projects completed in the Naryn province and other provinces of the Kyrgyz Republic, in the course of which an institutional and conceptual basis has being formed for the considered programme;

d) the Programme is linked with the current and future UNDP programmes and projects, and projects supported by other donors,

e) Creation of additional opportunities for close connection of the programme’s results with big investment projects on construction of the Upper Naryn Cascade of the hydropower plant launched this year and financed by Russian Federation;

f) the programme has mechanisms ensuring sustainability of results;

g) The proposed programme has a catalyst and pilot features related to development of economic growth entry points, poverty reduction, and creation of conditions for improvement of living standard.

Components of the proposed comprehensive Programme are designed considering key priorities of the Development Strategy of the Naryn province. Key strategic components of the Programme are:  · Agrobusiness development. · Improving of the vocational education. · Support of the local initiatives through financing from the small grant fund.

Source of Funding

The Russian Federation

Amount of Funding

3,5 million USD

Project Outcome

Over 15 thousand meters of water pipelines and about 17,5 thousand meters of irrigation networks have been repaired and constructed, irrigation of 3121 hectares of arable land has been improved, 10 transformer substations have been installed, over 27 thousand of rural residents have gained access to clean drinking water. District sanitary-and-epidemiologic institutions have been equipped with special facilities in order to conduct analysis of pure water quality on a regular basis.

In the frames of the programme, 52 projects on establishment of small enterprises and 73 projects on rehabilitation of socio-economic infrastructure in pilot municipalities have been approved.

Business Opportunities

UNDP/NA/017/2016 “Procurement of sewing equipment”

Date Posted 01 Sep 2016
Deadline 16 Sep 2016
Contact Information of Project Implementer
Organization/Department UN House in the Kyrgyz Republic
Name Mirlan Dyikanbaev
Address 13 Sharshemambetova, Naryn, Kyrgyzstan
Province/State Naryn
Postal Code 720040
Country Kyrgyz Republic
Phone +996 (3522) 50511 (104) +996 (779) 665 599

procurement.naryn@pmu.undp.kg, mirlan.dyikanbaev@gmail.com