Asian Development Bank – Strengthening Education System Sector Development Program

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Project Status: Closed
Project at-a-glance
Project Name Strengthening Education System Sector Development Program
Project Number 46537-002
Sector/Subsector Education
Country Kyrgyz Republic
Project Opening Date 29 Sep 2014
Project Closing Date 31 May 2018
Responsible Institution
Responsible International Financial Institution Asian Development Bank
Responsible Executive Agencies

Ministry of Education and Science in the Kyrgyz Republic

Strategic Agenda

Inclusive economic growth


The sector development program (SDP) will support the government’s plans to improve school education quality as enunciated in the Education Development Strategy for 2012-2020, and the National Strategy for Sustainable Development launched in 2013, which recognizes the quality of education as one of the most reliable indicators of the future development of any nation . The SDP is reflected in the draft COBP 2014-2016 and in the draft KGZ CPS 2013-17. The SDP will also support the Kyrgyz Republic’s plans to join the European Higher Education Area and steps taken to implement the Bologna 3-cycle academic process, curriculum development for a Master degree program in pedagogy and supporting reforms in the quality assurance system.

The program component under the SDP will include: (i) creation of an independent curriculum and textbooks review mechanism in MOES by establishing a consultative council; (ii) approval of quality assurance standards and accreditation system for pedagogy programs; (iii) regulations for delivery of MA/MS program in pedagogy in universities; (iv) defining e-education standards for institutions providing distance education option to students; (v) establishing a school development fund to rehabilitate selected schools; and (vi) strengthening community participation in schools. The SDP will aim to create sustainable reforms process and accrual of long term benefits to the country.

The investment component under the SDP will aim at improving the quality of education, including support for: (i) full implementation of curricula developed under the SEP; (ii) development and printing of LTMs for grades 7 9 and teacher training for the new curriculum; (iii) strengthened pre- and in-service teacher training systems; (iv) improved learning environment in selected innovative resource schools through showcasing of reforms and provision of additional infrastructure; (v) support for a Bologna process compliant quality assurance system for pedagogical programs; (vi) improved community participation in schools; and (vii) consultancy services, studies, surveys, and stakeholder consultation workshops.

Textbook printing, financed by the project component will follow implementation of an effective textbook rental scheme and commitment to reprint textbooks using textbook revolving fund. In March 2013, the World Bank approved the Sector Support for Education Reform Project for Kyrgyz Republic. This $16.5 million project will primarily focus on primary and lower secondary education and support improved learning outcomes in the education sector including improved teacher training, revision of curricular, printing and provision of learning and teaching materials up to grade 6. The SDP will be developed in close coordination with the World Bank project to ensure synergies and support.

Source of Funding

Asian Development Fund

Amount of Funding

US$ 22.00 million

Project Outcome

Enhanced quality, access, and efficiency of public education in the Kyrgyz Republic

Business Opportunities
Consulting Services

It is proposed that 59 person-months international and 171 person-months national consulting inputs will be engaged under the SDP.

The consulting firm has been engaged and commenced work in December 2015. The TRS/TRF Design Specialist and Implementation and Management Specialist are expected to commence work in Qtr2 2016. The Design firm has been advertised in March 2016. The following are expected to be advertised in Qtr 2 2016: Feasibility and policy research studies, audit firm, advocacy and media campaign and international education finance specialist.


The SDP will provide ICT/multimedia equipment, office equipment, videoconference system, science laboratory equipment, science software, furniture, smart classrooms, along with minor rehabilitation works of of school physical facilities.

Contact Information of International Financial Institution
Organization/Department Central and West Asia Department, Asian Development Bank
Name Jouko Sarvi
Address 52-54 Orozbekov Street
Province/State Bishkek
Postal Code 720040
Country Kyrgyz Republic
Phone +996 312 624195, +996 312 900445

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Contact Information of Project Implementer
Organization/Department Ministry of Education and Science in the Kyrgyz Republic
Name Zhydyz Uzbekova
Address 257 Tynystanova Str.
Province/State Bishkek
Postal Code 720040
Country Kyrgyz Republic
Phone +996 312 625 082