Asian Development Bank – Power Sector Rehabilitation Project

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Project Status: Closed
Project at-a-glance
Project Name Power Sector Rehabilitation Project
Project Number 44198-013
Sector/Subsector Energy/Electricity
Country Kyrgyz Republic
Project Opening Date 11 Jun 2012
Project Closing Date 30 Jun 2019
Responsible Institution
Responsible International Financial Institution Asian Development Bank
Responsible Executive Agencies
  1. Ministry of Economy of the Kyrgyz Republic
  2. OJSC Electric Power Plants
  3. National Energy Holding in the Kyrgyz Republic
Strategic Agenda

Inclusive economic growth/Regional integration


The project will: (i) rehabilitate Toktogul hydroelectric power plant by replacing existing mechanical and electrical equipment; (ii) establish an electricity transactions settlement center; (iii) conduct a safety assessment of dams on the Naryn cascade, and (iv) conduct a public information program on sector reforms. The project will improve energy supply, reduce system commercial losses, identify dam rehabilitation measures, and inform the public on sector developments.

Source of Funding

Asian Development Bank

Amount of Funding

US$ 55 million

Project Outcome

Improved operational performance of the Kyrgyz Republic power sector

Business Opportunities
Consulting Services

Project Implementation Consultant (PIC) is engaged effective March 2013. The Consultant will: (i) review conceptual design and bidding documents; (ii) assist EPP in the recruitment of an engineering contractors in accordance to ADB’s Procurement Guidelines; (iii) develop and implement comprehensive project management plans to ensure the most efficient, timely, and economical implementation of the project; (iv) supervise the engineering contractors for supply, installation, commissioning and testing of equipments, and (v) supervise the installation of equipment by EPP.

Dam Safety Assessment Consultant is engaged in June 2014 following QCBS method with a standard quality: cost ratio of 90:10. The Consultant will carry-out an assessment of the condition of all five hydropower plants and appurtenant structures and dams of the Naryn Casacade, as well as make proposals for enhancing safety of the plants by giving recommendations for improving maintenance or for making repair works or remedial measures to be adopted by EPP. The scope of work includes (i) data collection and review, (ii) annual inspection of dam safety, (iii) periodical assessment of dam safety, and (iv) structural integrity checks.

Operator for establishment KESC and Public Information Program. Estimated 78 person-months (international and national) of consulting services are required to develop and establish a KESC and design a Public Information Program to increase public awareness on: (i) the benefits and functions of AMDA and KESC; (ii) the success of power sector metering project and management reform in Georgia, and (iii) the benefits of an effective tariff policy . ADB Loan 2671/Grant 0218 will design the establishment of KESC The international operators shall operate the center for 24 months and recruit and train national staffs who will continue the operations thereafter. Consulting firm will be engaged by MOE using QCBS method with a standard quality: cost ratio of 90:10.

Consultants are and will be recruited according to ADB’s Guidelines on the Use of Consultants.


Toktogul HEPP Rehabilitation Contract. EPP will procure three (3) lots comprising of (i) electrical equipment, (ii) high voltage cables, and (iii) underwater inspection for the rehabilitation of Toktogul HEPP. The procurement will follow ICB procedures using ADB’s single-stage single-envelope bidding procedure. ADB’s standard bidding documents (SBD) for Plant Design, Supply and Install will be used. Contract for Lot 1-Underwater Inspection was awarded in May 2015. Contract for Lot 3-HV Cable is for negotiation while procurement for Lot 2-Electrical Equipment is for evaluation.

Date Posted 24 Aug 2016
Deadline 06 Sep 2016
Contact Information of International Financial Institution
Organization/Department Asian Development Bank
Name Pei Ling Koh
Address 52-54 Orozbekov Street
Province/State Bishkek
Postal Code 720040
Country Kyrgyz Republic
Phone +996 312 624195, +996 312 900445

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Contact Information of Project Implementer
Organization/Department Ministry of Economy of the Kyrgyz Republic
Name Jarkyn Ismamatova
Address 106 Chui Prospect, room 134, 127
Province/State Bishkek
Postal Code 720002
Country Kyrgyz Republic
Phone +996 772 18 26 41