This catalog has been designed to provide comprehensive information on all current and known upcoming projects in the Kyrgyz Republic financed by international financial institutions (“IFIs”) that may present competitive opportunities for U.S. firms eligible to bid on such projects. To date, the researched IFIs include (but potentially not limited to) the World Bank, International Finance Corporation, Asian Development Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Islamic Development Bank, Department for International Development Kyrgyzstan, HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation Kyrgyzstan, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO), and the Arab Coordination Group.

This body of research has been done using published and unpublished sources to obtain a thorough and complete listing of procurement opportunities and possibilities looking 24 months ahead, while providing some comment on possibilities further out.


U.S. firms are generally at a disadvantage due to the distance and the lack of existing on the ground infrastructure.  No U.S. firms currently have IFI contracts in Kyrgyz Republic. U.S. firms would be competitive on future contracts to supply engineering, accounting, management, or other consulting services for improvement in the use of water resources, improvements in electricity transmission and distribution, education, wastewater treatment, and urban planning for public transit (the sectors of IFI funding).

This catalog presents general information on Kyrgyz Republic (Kyrgyz Republic – Country Info), information related to the country’s economic situation and indicators (Kyrgyz Republic – Economy), links to useful information such as the Kyrgyz Republic Country Commercial Guide published by the U.S. Department of Commerce, and a list of IFIs currently offering business opportunities open to US firms (Donors), a list of 29 open and upcoming projects (Projects).

This catalog includes information only on selected major IFI-financed projects in the Kyrgyz Republic, while the internet portal lists all 79 projects and information pertinent thereto. The information in the online version of this publication will be regularly maintained and updated with new IFIs, projects, and related details.

Overall, the research encompasses 79 projects that are open or planned to be announced in the near future by 11 International Development Partners in Kyrgyz Republic. This assessment selected only the projects with total budget exceeding $5 million. The projects seek either Consultancy or Procurement services. Projects cover the following sectors:

  • Municipal and environmental infrastructure
  • Health
  • Trade
  • Natural resources
  • Agriculture
  • Public sector reforms
  • Public sector reforms and infrastructure
  • Finance

Detailed information on each of the listed projects is available within each Project, which contains general project overview and scope, business opportunities for contractors, links and contact information.

The information in this online-catalog is the property of the Embassy of the United States in the Kyrgyz Republic and is developed by the American Chamber of Commerce in the Kyrgyz Republic.